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TSPSG v0.1 beta 2

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The second beta of TSP Solver and Generator is out! This beta mainly features bugfixes but has some new features, too. One of them is the support for embedding solution graph into HTML when saving a solution (using data URI scheme, not supported by IE 7 and earlier, supported by all other major browsers). Also, see Ticket #5 and Ticket #8 for the description of other new features.

A list of fixed bugs:

  • Bug #2: Solution graph is too small on high resolution screens.
  • Bug #3: Solution graph font size should be fixed.
  • Bug #6: Bug: Actions in Options Menu.
  • Bug #7: No Cancel option in Unsaved Changes dialog under Symbian.
  • Bug #9: Solution graph is still exported to HTML when graph generation is disabled.
  • Language name was not loaded in its menu item's status tip which caused status tip to be "Set application language to ".
  • Icons in toolbar configuration dialog didn't follow style and one of them wasn't shown.

Additionally, there are some changes and improvements. Feel free to read the attached ChangeLog for a full list of new features, changes, improvements and bugfixes.


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