Source Code

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There are several ways you can get TSPSG source code.

Git Checkout

TSPSG source is available at git repository. To get the latest version of the source you need to make a clone of it1:

git clone tspsg

The tspsg directory with the latest available source will be created. This needs to be done only once.

If you already cloned the repository and want to update the source in tspsg directory to the latest version, run from this directory:

git pull

Browse Source

You can browse TSPSG source code with your web browser. Just follow this link:

Download as Archive

The source code for all TSPSG releases is available in ZIP and TAR.BZ2 formats. You can download it here:

  1. This is read-only link so you won’t be able to push your changes. If you’d like to contribute your changes to TSPSG, either register on GitHub and create pull request with your changes, or send me a patch.