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There are several different places where you can obtain TSP Solver and Generator, depending on your platform.

FreeBSD Gentoo Linux Windows Windows Mobile FreeBSD, Gentoo Linux, Windows and Windows Mobile users can download TSPSG from the Files section.

Symbian Symbian^1 (a.k.a S60 5th Edition) and Symbian^3 users can download TSPSG directly from the Nokia OVI store on their phone by searching for tspsg keyword. Additionally, they can follow the provided link and use Send to mobile button.
Alternatively, Symbian users can download self-signed builds from the Files section (not recommended).

Debian  Linux Fedora  Linux Mandriva Linux openSUSE Ubuntu Linux Debian Linux, Fedora Linux, Mandriva Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise, openSUSE and Ubuntu Linux users can download binary builds for their distribution from the Files section.
Alternatively, this builds are available at openSUSE Build Service. Users can add repository link to their repository list from there and be notified every time a new version comes out.

Linux Max OS X All other users need to download and compile TSPSG from source. It can be downloaded from the Files section.