Main Window (Solution Tab), v0.1 beta 1

This software is intended to generate and solve Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) tasks. It uses Branch and Bound method for solving. An input is a number of cities and a matrix of city-to-city travel prices. The matrix can be populated with random values in a given range (useful for generating tasks). The result is an optimal route, its price, step-by-step matrices of solving and solving graph. The task can be saved in internal binary format and opened later. The result can be printed or saved as PDF, HTML, or ODF.

TSPSG may be useful for teachers to generate test tasks or just for regular users to solve TSPs. Also, it may be used as an example of using Branch and Bound method to solve a particular task.

TSPSG v0.1 beta 2

The second beta of TSP Solver and Generator is out! This beta mainly features bugfixes but has some new features, too. One of them is the support for embedding solution graph into HTML when saving a solution (using data URI scheme, not supported by IE 7 and earlier, supported by all other major browsers). Also, see Ticket #5 and Ticket #8 for the description of other new features.

Some Symbian love

Task Tab (Symbian^3), v0.1 beta 1

As you may already know, recently TSPSG was accepted to Qt Ambassador Program. As part of this program I've been sent some merchandise that included a Nokia C7-00 device powered by Symbian^3. This gave me the ability to test TSPSG on a real Symbian device.

As a result of this, I've made a Symbian build of TSPSG v0.1 beta 1 release source code, found some slight (mostly UI) problems, fixed them and submitted the result to Nokia OVI Store for Symbian^1 (a.k.a S60 5th Edition) and Symbian^3 devices. Several days ago Symbian^3 version has passed the QA and is now available for download from the store. Symbian^1 is yet in the process. Update: Symbian^1 version is now live, too.

TSPSG was accepted to Qt Ambassador Program

Qt Ambassador Logo

Great news, everyone!

At the beginning of this year I have applied with TSPSG to Qt Ambassador Program. Recently, my application was accepted and now TSPSG is featured in Qt Ambassador Showcase. You can find it here: http://qt.nokia.com/qt-in-use/ambassadors/project?id=a0F20000006KW1cEAG.

TSPSG v0.1 beta 1 released

The first beta of TSP Solver and Generator has been released during this weekend. Feel free to download its source and binary builds from the project's SourceForge.net Files section. The binary builds are available for Windows, Windows Mobile and FreeBSD (expeimental).

The main new feature of this release is the solution graph generation. Also, it features toolbar customization (only on desktop platforms), drag-an-drop, support for switching between available Qt styles, an improved solution output generation algorithm, and some other improvements and bugfixes. See the attached ChangeLog for more details.

Issue Tracker launch

The official TSPSG issue tracker has been launched today. You can always find it by this link: http://tspsg.info/goto/bugtracker.

Also, this means that the beta release is coming soon. So keep tuned…

Welcome to TSPSG website!

The official TSPSG website has been launched today.

There isn't much information here at this moment, but this site will be the main source for TSPSG news and support.

TSPSG v0.1 alpha 2 is out!

The second alpha of TSPSG is here. You can download the binary builds for Windows, Windows Mobile and Symbian or compile it form the source code yourself right now.

The new version features symmetric mode, improved solution algorithm, support for tasks with up to 50 cities, printing of solution results and many more. Just read the attached ChangeLog.

TSPSG v0.1 alpha 1 is here

This build is alpha and is intended only to see what's going on and test TSPSG. It does contain bugs. No bug tracker or feature request facilities will be available until the first beta.

For those who are still interested: download TSPSG v0.1 alpha 1. Only Windows and Windows Mobile binary builds are available at this moment. Linux, FreeBSD and other supported platforms users have to download source, unpack, run qmake then make from the unpacked directory (note, that you will need Qt 4.5 or later to build this release of TSPSG).

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